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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Attack of the Dust Chasers or Why I Will NOT Have a Maid

I may have an anxiety disorder, or I just might have a problem with strangers cleaning my house.  Per our lease agreement we have to have the house professionally cleaned once a year.  I don’t know about you but I somehow doubt normal people hide in their closet to avoid the cleaning people, but I could be wrong.  It's just that these women as nice as they are seemed totally judgmental about the cleanliness of my house.  I was hiding in my laundry room folding laundry when they worked in my bathroom putting down whatever chemicals they use.  Then I moved to my bedroom when they got too close for comfort and folded laundry in there.  Fiance had been working in the garage when he came in and we had the following conversation:

Fiance:  What are you doing?

Me: Folding clothes.

Fiance: Why are you folding clothes with that weird look on your face?

Me:  I'm hiding from the professional dust chasers.

Fiance: Why?

Me:  Because I can't stand their judgey stares of disapproval about our house.  I feel like I flunked a test or something.

Fiance:  They are just cleaning the house.

Me:  I can't explain it to you, it's just uncomfortable.

I don't think he was really complaining, just worried because it usually requires at least 3 requests from him to fold my laundry before I finally do it.  It's not exactly a priority.  Fiance thought it was terribly funny until it apparently wasn’t cute anymore to have your significant other truly bothered by the professional dust chasers to the point of actually pouting.

I was pouting because they messed with my desk and rearranged my office so they could clean.  They did this but didn’t put anything back where I had it.  I feel like my sister in law’s nutty fish that rearranges it’s tank if you move a pebble.  I’m not a hoarder so it’s not one of those things, but I have my own organizational style.  Controlled chaos, which works fine for me when it’s my chaos.  My house is clean which is great but now I have to find everything, which isn’t so great.  I think I might have had a minor anxiety attack because I doubt it is normal to have sharp pains in your chest in relation to a clean house.

Oh and by the way when the window washers did the windows yesterday a bird flew into the window.  It was like a real life Windex commercial! Poor bird.  It flew away so I guess it"s ok.